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Take Control Of Expenses

Understand who’s spending what on fuel, hotels, maintenance, and more.

Automate Trip Reporting

Snap photos of receipts and enter expenses on the fly as reports assemble themselves.

Build Trips

Create and share trip itineraries. Add legs, pilots, passengers, and more. Attach photos and documents along the way.

Track History Over Time

Create a running history of aircraft, trips, and expenses. Capture comprehensive data to make informed decisions.

Protect Yourself From IRS Audits

Rest easy knowing records are complete and up-to-date with supporting docs and conversations all in one place.

Organize Everything

Dial down noise to focus on what matters most. Assign to-dos, schedule deadlines, and make comments directly on trips and expenses.

Increase Accuracy & Transparency

See the big picture or drill down to the smallest details. Reduce errors with automated data.

Invoice Immediately

Invoice as soon as the wheels hit the ground on the last leg of your trip. Eliminate backlogs and business drags.

Sync Individuals & Teams

Foster a culture of ambient accountability to increase efficiency and profitability.